World Spina Bifida Day October 25th

World Spina Bifida Day

October 25th is World Spina Bifida Day aimed at raising awareness and understanding of Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Crann has developed four pieces from members of our community who tell us about themselves and their stories.

Here is Fiona’s story
“My name is Fiona and I have Spina Bifida and Scoliosis, I live in Cork with my husband and wonderful daughter Lisa although I’m originally from Limerick. While having Spina Bifida and Scoliosis has meant I’ve undergone many operations I am still a passionate traveller having visited many countries and have many more still on my list. I have found a great leap in my confidence having attended Crann, it has really been a fantastic way to meet and interact with others, I feel accepted and more independent.”

Julie Ann
“My name is Julie Ann and I’m from Cork City, I am very close with my family and enjoy socialising with them and the others at the Crann Centre, through this I have felt my self-confidence really improve with the new people I meet and the new skills I master such as Turas Saol. Moving forward I would like to continue to grow my confidence and build a career perhaps working with Animals.”

“My name is David and I’m from Cork and a member of the Crann Community. I’m very close with my family particularly my mum and little niece who often comes to visit. I’m often occupied with fitness and art particularly street art or anything abstract. Since joining Crann my confidence has really grown, I really enjoy getting to know the other members and learning about their experiences, being able to connect with them and really feel part of something. I am looking forward to growing my confidence going forward building my freedom and working towards my career.”

“My name is Cathy and I am from Cork I’m really close with my family and my daughter whose now 23. I am incredibly passionate about arts and crafts and I often make cards and creative pieces. Since joining the Crann Centre I have really found an acceptance not only in myself but with others, I’ve built friendships and met so many great people who don’t make me feel different but make me feel like me, with Crann I have develop many of my interests like cooking, through the workshops they host. Looking forward, I want to travel more, maybe see New York and find a job that makes me happy, one that I can really enjoy.”


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