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5k Your Way!

Walk’n’Roll is back! Walk’n’Roll 2022 is your challenge, your way. Wheel, cycle, run, jog, walk or swim your way through this 5km challenge between June 1st and June 19th, breaking it up into however many chunks you need, all in aid of our Fully Accessible Playground and Leisure Area for Crann families!

And don’t worry if you don’t reach 5km – we are proud of you for trying, and you should be too!

However you take part – by yourself, with your family, with your school, friends or carers – you are doing yourself proud and the funds you raise will go towards making the world a little more inclusive.

Funds raised through Walk’n’Roll will help build a fully inclusive, fully accessible playground for families and friends of Crann members to enjoy together, without compromise.

See instructions for schools and individual or team fundraisers below!

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How It Works for Individuals & Teams

Complete a Walk’n’Roll challenge to support Crann’s Accessible Playground and Leisure Area! We use JustGiving as a platform for our fundraisers. JustGiving lets you create your own Fundraiser, linked to Walk’n’Roll, where the money your supporters donate transfers safely and securely to Crann.

Step One: Register
Register yourself or your team here. Fill out this simple form to sign up. 

Step Two: Set Up your JustGiving page
Click the button below and then click “Start Fundraising” (orange button on JustGiving site). If you took part last year, you can log in with the same account you set up then. If not, you will be asked to set up a new account. You’ll then create your own fundraising page that will appear on our list.

Step Three: Make a Plan for your 5K
Make a plan for your 5k. Where you’ll do it and how. Train if you need to. Building your ability slowly in the run-up to June will make the challenge easier. Ask for help if you need it! 

Step Four: GO!
When the time comes around, go for it! Be sure to take photos and send them to 085 881 1285, if you would like us to share your photos on social media! 

How It Works for Schools

Your school can have a meaningful impact on the lives of children just like your students, who face barriers to using communal play spaces. This is a great opportunity to speak to your students about why equal access to play is so vital to children with disabilities.

Step One: Register

Register your school here. You will receive an email with sponsorship cards, information and downloadables that will help you speak to your students about Walk’n’Roll.

Step Two: Prepare for your Walk

Divide the walk into sections over a few days, or arrange a 5km walk in one day, whatever suits your students’ abilities. Talk to your students about why supporting inclusive play is so important. You’ll find more information in the email you receive when you register.

Step Three: Fundraising 

Hand out the sponsorship cards to your students in the weeks before June 1st. Give your students a deadline to return the funds they raise to you, before the end of the school year. 

Step Four: GO!

When the time comes around, go for it! Ensure your students warm up, warm down and drink plenty of water, but most importantly, enjoy it. 

Returning Funds Raised

In your Teacher’s Guide, you’ll find information about how to return your students’ funds via cheque and bank transfer. If you would prefer to return the funds as cash, please contact us on 021 428 9267 or email communications@cranncentre.ie to arrange.

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