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“By considering the diverse needs and abilities of all throughout the design process, universal design creates products, services and environments that meet peoples’ needs. Simply put, universal design is good design.”

The National Disability Authority 

We were thrilled to host delegates from the Access UCC EmployAbility Forum today to tour the facilities at Crann and demonstrate the practices and features of Universal Design which make buildings as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

Sharing the knowledge we’ve gained by implementing Universal Design practices is important in building awareness and practical insight in the community, and hopefully influence a more inclusive society. 

The group toured the Playground & Leisure Area, a fun, accessible space for children of all ages, The Impact Hub, our accessible co-working office and the Crann building itself. 

The team shared logic and design choices that are intentional but seamless, offering equal access to people of all abilities.

Thanks to the Shay Nolan, Elodie O’Donovan and Norma Gene Mcenerny for giving us the opportunity to share our learnings, and to demonstrate them in practice.

Thank you to the delegates from UCC, Biomarin, Blossom4Life, Cope Foundation, Dell, DePuy, Janssen, Lilly, the National Learning Network, PepsiCo, Trigon Hotels and the Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection for an engaging discussion about Universal Design.

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Evelyn Power stands next to a display screen with a video about Crann playing. The UCC EmployAbility Forum visitors sit facing her
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