The Tomar Trust commits €25,000 to our Accessible Playground & Leisure Area

The Tomar Trust has committed €25,000 to the construction of our Accessible Playground & Leisure Area. The Tomar Trust has previously supported our Wheelchair Skills programme.

The trust is focused on the Munster area and the main themes they work under are sustainable communities; integration; children and young people; and arts, culture, and creativity.

Crann’s Accessible Playground & Leisure Area is a great fit for the Tomar Trust, as investing in children and young people is one of their core priorities. Like Crann, they are committed to ensuring they get the best start in life, and grow up healthy, connected to the community and contributing to society.

For more information on how organisations can support this project, contact our Fundraising Manager Justin Farrell on 085 8804679 or

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