The Hospital Saturday Fund kindly donates a further €3,000

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A huge thank you to the Hospital Saturday Fund for kindly donating a further €3,000 that will help finish the final aspects of the Sanctuary Area in Ireland’s First Accessible Playground. This is a space for quiet relaxation with gentle sensory engagement. It will be a space of reflection, calm and sounds of nature with bird boxes and a soft flowing water feature.

Fundraising Manager Evelyn Power explained, “Thanks to the generous grant from the Hospital Saturday Fund, the Sanctuary area will be a fully accessible space for all to relax and enjoy their time. Collaboration is at the heart of our vision, mission, strategy, and day-to-day work at the Crann Centre. With the help of visionary organisations like the Hospital Saturday Fund we can deliver on the final stages of our Inclusive Playground and Leisure Space.”

We still need support in the final few weeks should you like to help in any way contact or call 085 8804679

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