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Art is quite a valuable activity. It plays a relatively significant role in killing boredom and is a great way to pass the time, particularly in these winter months when the weather isn’t in our favour in such a way that we are forced to get the creative element of our brains in motion, encouraging us to think outside the box and step outside of our comfort zone in a very meaningful way.

By attempting something creative that we have never tried before, we are challenging our brains to go that extra mile. To a certain extent, we are using art as a unique form of exercise for our brains. There are a wide range of activities we can engage in to unleash our creativity and to help promote sharper thinking skills and there is not always a necessity to purchase a big list of art supplies in order to get involved in fun and creative projects.

For some people, creativity could just be a matter of making an ordinary blank sheet of paper as small as possible by tearing sections of the sheet of paper. Believe it or not, this requires a lot of energy and can have a very natural and positive therapeutic effect on the mind. Others can find creativity in attempting to draw some of the more uncommon shapes such as a parallelogram, a decagon or a rhombus to name but a few.

An activity of this sort requires a large element of focus and concentration and you will notice this after engaging in such an activity over a long period of time. I am mentioning the element of focus and concentration because when it comes to drawing shapes, the different measurements involved are very detailed. The main message I want you to take away today after reading this is that creativity does not always cost money and money is not always needed to unleash your creativity.

Thank you!
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