Charitable Donation Tax Scheme – Individual Donors

Have you donated €250 or more to The Crann Centre? Your generous donation can work even harder by taking a moment to fill out a short form.

How does it work?

As part of the Charitable Donation Scheme, a €250 or more donation in a given year allows The Crann Centre to claim additional tax on it, making your donation stretch even further.

This means that a gift of €250 is worth €362 to us, €500 is worth €725 and €1,000 is worth €1,450 to support the work we do supporting families with neuro-physical disabilities! The Charitable Donation Scheme only applies to PAYE and self-assessed donors.

It only takes a couple of minutes to complete the form that allows us to reclaim the tax on your donation.

Once the form is signed, return it to us at or via post to The Crann Centre, Classis, Ovens, Co. Cork,  P31 TX39, Ireland.

By taking a moment to send us the form, your donation can mean even more for families with neuro-physical disabilities.

The Charitable Donation Scheme

The Charitable Donation Scheme allows charities to claim a potential additional 45% of the value of a donation over €250 at no cost to the donor. This only applies to PAYE and self-assessed donors. 

It does not cost you any extra money when you complete the form, it simply allows us to claim tax relief on your donation from Revenue. Once the form is signed and returned to us, we will apply to Revenue to claim the tax refund. 

You should not complete this form (CHY4) for a tax year if you have completed, or intend to complete, a Form
CHY3 (Enduring Certificate) for the same year, in respect of the same charity.

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