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As part of our on-going commitment to delivering an evidence based Model of Care, Crann undertook a study called a Social Return on Investment (SROI) forecast analysis in 2022, to measure the value families who use our services receive.

The report illustrates the real-world effect of the services offered, and the impact of our Model of Care in supporting clients to overcome challenges around physical and psychological health, and social capital, through our person-centred approach. This rigorous process included interviewing and surveying service users of Crann and receiving first-hand feedback that directly influenced the results and recommendations of the SROI.

The SROI value forecasts that for every €1 invested into a service at Crann, a social value of €4.05 was generated for clients and their families.

This SROI analysis also makes recommendations for Crann to create even greater value for clients and their families.

The next phase in this process is to complete an SROI analysis in 2023-24 to validate the findings of this forecast.

The SROI forecast was independently produced by Beca Wistreich of The Outcome, and we thank her for her dedication, knowledge and skill.

Special mention and thanks to the families who participated. Your participation will help us continually develop our services at Crann. 

To download the Executive Summary, click this link

To read the full report with detailed results and the recommendations that were developed as a result of these outcomes click this link.

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