Special Needs Assistant Programmes

With these bespoke courses, you will gain the skills, competence and confidence required to support your students’ care plan effectively and safely. 

Let’s work together to help your students flourish.

Why attend a course at Crann? 

Do you have a student with a disability or special healthcare needs? Do you have to perform healthcare tasks throughout the school day? Do you want to understand your student’s primary diagnosis to better support them in their school?

Our Special Needs Assistants Programmes are designed by our disability nurse specialist to address these needs and support you to help your students flourish. These courses:-

  • Are hosted online and in-house at the Crann Centre
  • Are facilitated by our highly qualified & experienced NMBI Registered Nurse Manager
  • Can be combined & tailored into modules to meet the specific needs of your school, on request
  • provide certificates of attendance upon completion
Not sure which courses best meet the care needs of a child or children attending your school?
Email Eimear at professionaleducation@cranncentre.ie

Clean Intermittent Catheterisation (CIC)

Theory only (online) – €50pp,
In-house workshop (incl. theory) – €85pp
Onsite workshop (on request) – €100pp + travel

This is a comprehensive 6-hour course providing the theory and knowledge required to safely carry out CIC in a school setting. Our practical, hands-on workshop, gives SNAs the confidence required to carry out this new skill.

Gastrostomy Tube Care and Management: Theory & Workshop

Theory only (online) – €50pp,
In-house workshop (incl. theory) – €60pp

This half-day course teaches you about gastrostomy tube care and enteral feeding. A practical workshop is also available which gives SNAs the opportunity to practice the tasks involved in gastrostomy tube care.

"It Only Takes a Minute"© Pressure Care Awareness

Online or in-house – €50pp

This 2-hour course details how pressure ulcers develop, strategies to help prevent them and how to identify and manage the early signs of pressure ulcer development.

Condition-specific Educational Awareness Sessions

  • Spina Bifida
  • Hydrocephalus and Shunts
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Childhood Stroke
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Diabetes
  • Recognising an unwell child

Alternative topics may be provided on request.

Epilepsy Awareness Training for SNAs

Online only – €30pp

This is a 1.5-hour online course that gives a detailed overview of seizure types, first aid and how to manage a seizure in a school environment. It can be held in conjunction with other courses.

"Include Me Too!" Disability & Healthcare Needs Awareness

Cost – €50pp

This is a 3.5-hour, comprehensive programme covering topics such as inclusive terminology, language and communication, dignity and respect, and strategies to help reduce barriers to social inclusion and addressing health needs in a school setting. Also covered are areas such as intimate care and addressing health needs in a school setting.

Oral Suctioning Skills in the School Setting

Theory only (online) – €50pp,
In-house workshop (incl. theory) – €60pp

This half-day course provides SNAs with the skills and knowledge required to safely carry out oral suctioning in a school setting.

Mind Your Back - Manual Handling

Cost: In-House workshop €50pp

This 1/2 day course in manual handling is tailored for SNAs and carers supporting people with disabilities. The instructor is a FETAC QQI Level 6 qualified instructor. (Hoist training is not included.)

Testimonial from Sue, a Clean Intermittent Catheterisation Course Attendee “I found this course really informative. The lady giving the course was fantastic. Since doing they course I’ve been using what I learned every day in work. I would highly recommend this course.”
Testimony from Nora, a clean intermittent catheterisation course attendee - “Before attending the training, I was very apprehensive around the idea of catheterising a young child. However, the training we received on the day was fantastic. The trainer gave us great insight and support during the day. In addition, they promised to follow up support by way of phone call or email anytime. This really put my mind at ease. [After the course] I felt very confident that I was giving the child the best assistance and that their parents benefitted as they too were confident that we had received the best of training. I now perform catheterisation as part of my work duties daily.”
Testimony from Laura, a clean intermittent catheterisation course attendee - “The course was brilliant. I definitely feel so much more confident now after doing it”
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