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What is Skills on Wheels?

Wheelchair skills training is an essential programme for anyone who uses a wheelchair, and for their family.

Skills on Wheels Training Programme uses an evidenced-based wheelchair skills training programme (WSTP), from Lee Kirby, that provides clients with the skills to optimise safety, improve independence and increase participation in all aspects of life.

Key elements of Skills on Wheels Training include:

  • Working with experienced Occupational Therapists who will assess your physical, cognitive and visual perceptual skills to create a goal orientated programme, designed to help you to interact effectively with your wheelchair and the environment.
  • A focus on everyday skills like propelling a wheelchair, managing curbs, ramps, uneven surfaces, opening heavy doors, transfers and weight shifting in your wheelchair.
  • Supporting you to optimise use of your manual & powered wheelchair and reduce the risk of accident or injury.
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Skills on Wheels runs as camps throughout the year. 

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Skills on Wheels


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