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021 428 9267        info@cranncentre.ie

Riley Children’s Health launch Wheelchair Skills

Our partners, Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health are launching their wheelchair skills programme “Skills on Wheels” this weekend, and since we’re all such a photogenic bunch at Crann, we wanted to wish the team the very best of luck with a video!

Back in 2018, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Joseph O’Neil and Dr. Mary Ciccarelli when they visited Cork. The goal of the trip was knowledge exchange between their team and ours. 

The generosity and openness of Dr. O’Neil and his colleagues to share information, programmes and research with Crann during their visit was fundamental to the relationship our two organisations have built in the years since. 

At the time we were able to share with them an early version of our own Wheelchair Skills Programme. Since their visit, Dr. O’Neill and the team have been working on their Skills on Wheels course for children with neuro-physical disabilities in Indiana. This is a fabulous addition to their wonderful services. 

Our collaboration with the team in Indiana will have a real impact on clients on both sides of the pond.

Sharing research outcomes of our respective Wheelchair Skills Programmes means we can tailor and improve services for our clients and demonstrate their value for similar organisations. 

Our goal, as always, is to help families with neuro-physical disabilities flourish. Partnerships are an important part of this commitment. Shared knowledge helps us grow! 

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