Podiatry at Crann

Access to podiatry services can be limited, so Crann has partnered with Achilles Foot Clinic to offer a monthly clinic for our clients.

Podiatry can be an essential part of your self-care and health prevention toolkit. Pain, discomfort, and deformities can arise from a neuro-physical disability, which may cause reduced sensation in your foot, muscle weakness or a reduction in blood supply. These can lead to further health issues like pressure ulcers and infections.

Podiatry takes into consideration the structure of your lower limbs, posture, muscle tone and pelvic placement to create solutions that can optimise your health.

At our monthly clinic, the team from Achilles will be able to help you through:

•  Neurological and vascular assessments of the feet

•  Prevention methods

•  Advice on footwear

Get in touch with us today to arrange your appointment today on 021 428 9267 or info@cranncentre.ie. To see upcoming clinic dates, visit our Programmes page.

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