Visitor Terms of Use – Playground & Leisure Area

Playground & Leisure Area – Visitor Terms of Use 

We want everyone to really enjoy their time at the Playground. For your safety, comfort and enjoyment, we have some simple guidelines and rules around using the playground.  


Advance bookings on Crann’s website are required for all visits to the Playground and Leisure Area. There must be a lead contact person and all members of a group must be listed for each booking. For health & safety and insurance reasons, only those named on the booking will be admitted. If you need to make changes to your booking call 021 428 9267.

How large can my group be? 

If you have a large group please contact 021 428 9267 to ensure that we have Crann team members available to ensure your comfort and safety.

Visiting Times 

See for visiting times.

Can we bring our pet dog? 

The only dogs allowed on site are trained assistance dogs or guide dogs. They must remain on leash at all times. Be sure to clean up after your dog.

Can we bring our bikes, scooters, rollerblades or skateboards? 

No bikes, scooters, rollerblades or skateboards are allowed in the Playground & Leisure Area.

Are there toileting facilities on site? 

Yes, there are accessible toilets on site. 

How much notice must I give before cancelling? 

We would appreciate 24 hours’ notice where possible, however, we understand that cannot always be the case. There will be a cancellation link on your confirmation email that you can use or if it is last minute, please call 021 428 9267.

What if there is a medical emergency? 

All Crann team members are trained in first aid. There is also an AED and first aid kit on site. 

Will I be able to have a picnic on-site?   

Yes, seating areas and tables are provided and there are bins to dispose of your litter. Alcohol and glass containers are strictly prohibited. There is a no smoking/vaping policy in place on The Crann Centre grounds. 

Can I take photos? 

We encourage visitors to be mindful of other users’ privacy. We ask that people only take photographs of their own family/group.

Can my child visit without being accompanied by a parent or responsible adult?

Children will not be able to visit the playground without being accompanied by an adult who is responsible for them. Crann team members are trained in how to use the equipment and will be on hand to guide you and answer any questions.

What else should I be aware of? 

There is a water play area on-site so shoes, socks and clothes might get wet. We advise visitors to bring spare clothes if you or your child would like to engage in water play.

Please report any inappropriate behaviour such as bullying or rough play to Crann team members on-site. We reserve the right to ask people to leave the playground area if we feel they are not abiding by the rules and guidelines.

If you have any concerns about equipment, please bring this to the attention of the Crann team members. Crann team members are onsite to oversee activities and advise you. 

Feedback about your visit 

Please do give us feedback about your visit. This is an exciting new project for us and we appreciate all feedback. We hope that you enjoy your visit and come back again soon. 

Playground Equipment 

There are details below on the playground equipment and how it should be used safely. The Crann team members are happy to advise at any time during your visit.

An image of a swing that you wheel your chair onto. It features yellow rails all around it.

Wheelchair swing:

Guidelines are listed on the fence. This is locked when not in use and can only be opened by a Crann volunteer when a wheelchair user is on site. Only one responsible parent/guardian and one wheelchair user are allowed in the area when in use.  Crann staff will assist and give a demonstration.

An empty manual wheelchair sits on one end of the seesaw

Inclusive seesaw:  

This is suitable for 1 wheelchair user only at a time.  It can be either manual or power-chair user. A parent/guardian mounts opposite side to create the up/down movement. Tie down straps are installed so the wheelchair can be tied down when in use. Can be used by ambulant children also.

An ramp which moves as you wheel across it. Short wooden rails feature on either side

Moving Ramp: 

uitable for wheelchair users, as well as ambulant users, under parental supervision. Users can mount the ramp at either side and enjoy the movement of the ramp as they walk/drive along the ramp. Please be mindful of possible collisions on entrance and exit.

A CGI image of a child in a manual wheelchair on a flat rectangular trampoline that sits into the ground


Suitable for a manual wheelchair user if accompanied by a responsible parent/guardian. Parent/Guardian would guide the wheelchair user onto this piece of equipment and remain on it to create the bouncing movement. When finished, the wheelchair user will have to be assisted off the trampoline by parent/guardian. It can also be used by ambulant individuals.

A roundabout with benches and also space to wheel chairs on to. Small doors on opposite ends open and close to let you enter.

Inclusive Roundabout: 

This is suitable for wheelchair users and ambulant children.  The maximum number of users is 14 – age range 3 – 12 years.  The maximum number of wheelchair chair users is 2 with additional seats for people to sit on. Doors need to be opened/closed by parents/guardians to allow wheelchair users to enter/exit.  These are pulled up to open. The red levers are brakes, which can slow down/stop motion. Wheelchair users can only get on/off when the round-a-bout is not moving.

Exercise Equipment: 

See manufacturers instructions on the equipment for use or ask a member of staff/volunteer for assistance.

Pirate Ship Slide: 

If a wheelchair user wishes to use the slide, a parent/guardian must assist them to transfer out of their wheelchair at the top of the slide where there is a ledge at the top of the slide which can be used to assist with transfer.

Parents/guardians know their child’s capabilities best, so please only use the slide if you feel it is suitable for your child to use safely and comfortably under your supervision.

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