Celebrating a Year of Accessible Play at our Playground & Leisure Area!

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It’s hard to believe that only a year ago, the ribbon was cut at the Accessible Playground & Leisure Area at Crann! And since then, hundreds of smiles and hours of thrills have filled this wonderful space!

It was designed with Crann client families, who wanted a space where every member of their family could get involved in all the thrills that risky play offers. Through imaginative thinking and expertise from Dr. Alice Moore and Dr. Helen Lynch of the Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at UCC, a concept was drawn up and building began.

After a year of construction, supported by amazing volunteers and in-kind donations, and including the hand-crafted centre-piece pirate ship built by Terry O’Neill and friends, the space was ready for play.

In the year since it opened, the playground has played host to families, friends and parties for clients at Crann. It has increased the scope for Crann services, like Mobility Training, Youth Club, Yoga and Summer Camps. We’ve had visits at Easter from Willy Wonka, a truly magical Christmas visit from Santa, and Mobile Music Machine with Niamh Kavanagh on a sunny summer’s afternoon.

There’s no stopping the potential for fun that this space has opened up for the community at Crann. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to its success – and here’s to many more years of Accessible Play!

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