Caroline Kiely

Caroline Kiely

Trainer & IT Lead


Caroline worked at Hammersmith Hospital, London as a nurse’s aide, in addition to working with SANEline, a helpline that offers “emotional support, guidance and information to anyone affected by mental illness, including family, friends and carers.”

Caroline spent over 14 years working in the Insurance industry before returning to Education. She completed four years at UCC in Disability Studies and Facilitating Inclusion. Caroline says, “This course enhanced my passion with regards to the importance of having basic IT skills, Assistive Technology and Inclusion within Education and the working environment.”

Caroline joined the team at the Crann Centre in 2018. “As we are a small team my role is mixed and varied. Prior to lockdown I was overseeing the delivery of our Wheelchair Skills Programme along with overseeing the development of our CRM system. During lockdown I was involved in the programme content and delivery of ‘On The Spot’. This incorporates gentle finger, hand and arm stretches and exercises. Caroline was also responsible for ‘Hands fingers kneading dough’. This programme provided a fun way for kids and their siblings to create playdough creations while providing gentle exercises for their hands. Playdough has no age limit, so the entire family can join in. This is what The Crann Centre is about, involving and supporting the family as a unit.”

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