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Listening to music has always been something I have cherished and enjoyed from a very young age in a hugely valuable way. It has always been a very important element of my life as it has a fascinating impact on me from a psychological point of view.

Music has a tendency to regularly circle such positive energy around me and often provides me with an increased level of motivation for the better. When I am listening to music, more often than not I am immediately able to associate personal elements and events in my life which made me smile and happened to bring me joy to a certain extent for one reason or another.

Such elements could be pleasant family events (birthdays, family outings, concerts etc) or pleasant experiences I may have had such as meeting people whom I haven’t had the opportunity to see in a very long time.

The bottom line and main message from my article today is that the level of happiness I gain from a simple activity like listening to music is something I am truly grateful for.

Thank you!

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