David’s Story

There’s more to me than my disability. At Crann, they focus on my personality instead of just seeing my condition.” – David

David’s Story

“I have a condition called transverse myelitis, which affects the lower spine. It means my balance isn’t the best, so I use a wheelchair part-time and crutches as well. I couldn’t walk freely – anywhere I was going, I’d need to know there was going to be something for me to hold onto.

My confidence has really grown since I started coming to Crann Centre. I’ve grown too. They focus on what you can do and tailor their programmes to suit you. They cover everything. I did a wheelchair skills course where I learned how to navigate stairs, ramps and gravel. Other skills included holding a cup while pushing my wheelchair and using my wheelchair to reach for something high up.

“They encouraged me to explore my interests. I’ve done yoga online, which I thought I’d never do. I joined the Drama Club too.

“Before I came to Crann, I didn’t believe in myself. I don’t think I would have been able to tell my story. But they helped me talk and express my opinions. Crann are like my extended family, you can reach out to them with your worries or when you need somebody to talk to.

“In the past I would have liked to have walked around on the beach, but felt I couldn’t. Maybe I felt I had to achieve or prove something to myself and others, instead of just wanting to go for a walk. They reignited a fire in me. I’m doing things I didn’t think I’d ever be able to. I walked in the garden and on the beach, which I haven’t had the confidence to do, and maybe I didn’t enjoy in past, but this time it was something I wanted to do, which is why I enjoyed it.”

Picture of David wearing his Walk'n'Roll shirt in the woods

Coming here ignited a fire in me.

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