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The Benefits of Keeping Active

It isn’t always easy to keep active. It is even harder thanks to Covid-19 prevention measures with gyms and most sports clubs temporarily closed. Many of us are finding it harder to find the motivation to work out.

But physical activity is so important to help maintain health and prevent injury.

The Risks of Inactivity

People often believe that taking part in exercise is a proactive approach to health. In reality, it is vital to maintaining health.

Not taking part in physical activity is more harmful than people realise. It puts people at higher risk of developing depression, fatigue, heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, among other serious conditions.

The Benefits of Exercise for People who have a  Physical Disability

Our body parts were designed with specific functions in mind. With a physical disability, you often must compensate for one or more functions in different ways. This can put stress on your body, through repetitive strain injuries or pressure from using aides.

Strengthening your body through exercise can help your muscles and joints better cope with day-to-day activities such as transferring in and out of a wheelchair. It also encourages your body to move in different ways, focusing pressure away from areas that might be prone to pressure ulcers.

Exercise and Mental Health

Studies show that exercise can improve mental health in many ways. It releases feel-good hormones which give you more energy and can make you feel more confident. It helps you sleep better by tiring you out.

Exercise can also be a good tool to help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Having something to focus on also helps distract from things that might be worrying you too.

Start Slow & Build

Many of us find working out intimidating. If you’re not comfortable doing something, it will be harder to do it. Make a plan that you are comfortable with to help with this. At Crann, our On the Spot programme is great for easing you into a gentle fitness routine.

On the Spot is a 20 minute, online programme. It is a low-impact upper body workout that can be done in a sitting or standing position. You can add light weights, tennis balls or bottles of water to make the programme more challenging.

The current course of On The Spot started began May 6th. Check it out on our programmes page for more information and to sign up.

Setting a goal for yourself will help you get motivated. A great goal might be to take on the 5km challenge we’re setting for Walk’n’Roll.


Walk’n’Roll asks you to wheel, walk, jog, cycle or swim 5km over the course of the June Bank Holiday weekend. You can break it up into as many chunks as you need over the weekend. This could be 1.25km a day, for example. Or if you want to challenge yourself to 5km in one day, that’s great too.

We are optionally asking participants to raise funds for our fully inclusive Playground and Leisure Area. When completed, this space will also help you maintain fitness! It includes plans for outdoor exercise equipment and tracks for mobility exercises.

If you would like to take part, register here. There is also more information on how to take part and how to fundraise.

Remember that exercise is not without risk. Be sure to get advice from your doctor if you are unsure about what exercise is right for you and avoid over-doing it.

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