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Measuring the impact and outcomes for clients & families helps us improve our services and creates a blueprint for other organisations & government departments to learn from our approach.

Social Return On Investment Analysis

Social Return On Investment Analysis

According to our Social Return on Investment forecast completed in 2022, most stakeholders who engaged in services at Crann experienced highly valuable outcomes.

Among the outcomes reported by families are:

  • Reduced demand on acute services
  • Improved independence, mobility, physical health and self-care/management
  • Improved family relationships & reduced caregiver burden
  • Improved quality of life and psychological wellbeing
  • Increase in confidence and motivation
  • Re-engagement into the community and employment

Those surveyed said that they cannot access the services that Crann provides elsewhere and that Crann is providing programming that no other organization is providing.

Impact & Outcomes

Playground Development Research

When Dr. Alice Moore, Lecturer and Researcher at UCC School of Occupational Therapy, began research into designing the Playground and Leisure space, it was obvious that families’ needs would direct it. She describes how this can be a blueprint for future inclusive playgrounds.

Dr. Alice Moore and Dr. Helen Lynch won the Ann Beckett Award for demonstrating the core principles of Occupational Therapy in practice for their work on our Accessible Playground & Leisure Area.

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