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Hi Everyone! Today I am going to give you a brief overview of my experiences of the wonderful Lourdes trip I had three years ago with the Irish pilgrimage Trust.  I hope that my experience of the trip will motivate and encourage you or someone you know to apply for a place on the pilgrimage in the future.

In Easter 2018 I was given the wonderful opportunity of going on a trip to Lourdes in France with a group called the Irish pilgrimage Trust. Just the thought that I was being offered to visit a different country made me feel so grateful and it bought many pleasant emotions. When I got the letter stating my place on the pilgrimage was guaranteed my heart filled with excitement. I knew this trip would allow me to explore new things and see many beautiful sights.

When it came to preparing for the trip, the leaders and carers visited me in advance to get to know me and to take notes of my medical history. They were committed to doing everything possible to make sure I could enjoy every minute of the trip to the fullest. As I am a wheelchair user and happen to have limited mobility, they were eager to know the best ways to support me in terms of transferring me from A to B. The leaders and carers really did go above and beyond and did everything possible to make me feel at ease, from the minute I got on the plane to the minute we arrived back in Ireland.

From the bottom of my heart, I truly cannot praise the whole team enough for making the trip possible. To anyone who is thinking of applying for a place on the pilgrimage, my advice is “go for it!”, it’s a wonderful opportunity that cannot be missed.

Picture: The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes

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