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In her latest blog, Hannah O’Sullivan discusses her views on what makes us humans unique. You can read the transcript or watch her perform it. 

Hello everyone! Today I am going to talk about a certain element of our genes which make us the wonderful human beings we have grown up to be. In today’s speech I am going to highlight the topic of uniqueness. I hope that by delivering this speech today you will gain an increased level of confidence and higher self-esteem.

From the moment every one of us human beings arrived into this world, not only have we touched the hearts of our family members and wider relatives so warmly, we have also

offered valuable, effective and unique messages of hope, determination and resilience in such a positive, special and meaningful way. The most simple, everyday actions are the key elements that make the biggest difference to those who surround us. When we perform a simple action like a smile, we truly can make a person’s day so much brighter for the better. When we give someone a compliment, we truly can lift a person’s spirits and help them feel better about themselves. When we offer someone a comforting hug in times of difficulty, we can reassure them that we have a certain level of understanding of the range of unpleasant emotions they are going through. A listening ear really goes a long way. Every one of us human beings have something different to bring to the world, and these differences most certainly need to be highlighted and celebrated. There is a well known saying which states “big things come in small packages” and this quote couldn’t be more true when it comes to small, unique actions.

Thank you!

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