Hannah’s Blog – The New Primary School Curriculum

Hello everyone! I hope you are all well. Today I would like to share my thoughts on the new primary school curriculum which is set to be fully introduced into all primary schools and special schools in Ireland in 2026. This is a topic I have had a keen interest in for a number of months. I think it is important for new developments, adaptions and changes to be made in all aspects of society, simply because we live in a forever changing world and this is just one significant change that has caught my eye.

On Thursday the 9th of March this year minister for education Norma Foley launched a new primary school curriculum framework. This was developed by the national council for assessment and need over six years. It involved a lot of national and international research, along with consultations and input from students, parents, teachers and stakeholders.

I am pleased with the changes set out for the new curriculum as there is a greater emphasis on arts education which will allow children and young people to be more creative and engage in art, music and drama activities. This will in turn improve confidence. Young people will also be given more time to learn about the world of science, technology engineering and maths (STEM). This will introduce young people to the world of design.

Children will also have  an opportunity to learn more about wellbeing which will cover topics such as emotional health, physical health, healthy lifestyle choices which is vitally important especially since the coronavirus pandemic and will help them to devolop and maintain the life they deserve

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on this new development in education.

Thank you!

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