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Hello everyone! Today I am going to talk about the small, but valuable things in life, emphasising nature, scenery and colour. This is a piece about creativity but from a slightly different perspective. The topics I cover may or may not be familiar to some of you, but my aim is to highlight these topics in order to help you think outside the box. I hope it will motivate and encourage you to have a greater sense of appreciation for some of the most simple, precious and highly effective gifts you are surrounded by during many moments of each and every single day.

The Gift of Nature

One of the things that makes me feel joyful, happy and uplifted is indeed the gift of nature. At this very moment in time as I look into the distance and gaze out the window, I can see beautiful, nourishing, enriching white clouds. As I watch them moving gradually across the sky I immediately notice that the clouds are outstandingly bright and are a very pleasant sight. I also notice vibrant green trees with leaves swaying gently. I can safely say without hesitation that nature is a truly fascinating aspect of the outdoor environment when it is appreciated properly and reflected on in large and specified detail.

The Gift of Colour

Another thing that makes me feel highly content is colour. In my opinion, colour is not just a material or piece of equipment used for the purposes of art activities, from my perspective colour opens up a wide window of opportunities for us human beings and is a very useful tool for self-expression and creative communication.

For example, I could decide in the morning “I am going to wear a purple t-shirt today because it is bright and it is my good luck colour”. Or I could say to myself “I am going to wear a yellow top today because I want the sun to shine”. A room full of colour truly can have a vital role in promoting positive vibes in an environment, whether it is a supermarket, a preschool, an office building or a hardware store. In my opinion, colour helps us to unleash a creative element of our personality to a certain extent.

Another thing that I have a great appreciation for is somewhat inked to the first topic I spoke about – nature. I love hearing calming sounds at scenic sights such as the beach. The sound of the water moving gently back and forth and crashing against the rocks has an instant soothing effect.

I hope today’s blog has helped you to pay more attention to your wonderful surroundings!

Thank you!

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