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Delighted to introduce Hannah’s new  monthly blog.

Hannah O’Sullivan is a remarkable young lady who just turned 18 and lives in Co. Kerry with her mum and dad and three sisters. Hannah is a member of our Breaking Barriers Theatre group and through this nurturing and friendly group, we got to know of Hannah’s special talent for writing and how much she enjoys expressing her thoughts and feelings through her writing.

We wanted to give Hannah a platform to share and develop these skills so it is our pleasure to introduce Hannah’s first blog with Crann.  We are sure you will enjoy and be deeply touched by her thoughts on the importance of a smile.

Hello my name is Hannah O’Sullivan. I live in Portmagee with my mom, dad and three sisters. I enjoy school, my favourite subjects are art and childcare. I love listening to music, Little Mix are my favourite band and I got the wonderful opportunity of seeing them live in concert at the 3 Arena last October, it was a truly amazing experience. I went to Lourdes with the Irish Pilgrimage Trust in 2018 and it was the most amazing week of my life. I recently celebrated my 18th birthday and I had a great virtual party with my family.

Sometimes people may think smiling is generally an action carried out for photography purposes only or they may make an immediate connection between the word camera and the word smile.

This is a natural assumption and to a certain extent it is most definitely true, I am not denying that in any way, shape or form. However from my own prospective, as a young lady, I feel that smiling is a unique gift that us human beings are blessed with and one that we have been blessed with since our facial muscles developed which usually happens before the age of one.


I, as a young lady, think smiling is such a rewarding part of our facial development. It is a form of self expression, a  method of communication to show others within our communities that we are content in life, by smiling we are showing others that we acknowledge when they make us happy and with that comes a sense of gratitude.

By smiling we are giving others that surround us a respectful manner for something kind that they  did for us. This action could be performed towards a wide range of people of whom we have a relationship with. It could be a family member, friend, neighbour, cousin or even a more distanced relationship. You may or may not have guessed at this point that the message I am trying to get across is that the gift of smiling in my own opinion is simply not reflected on enough.

In my opinion people just have the attitude that this gift is a natural part of them, a gift that they don’t have to apply much effort to. So I hope you all have learned something from this message today and that the next time you smile you will take a step back and remind yourself how pleasant it feels and how pleasant it feels to have this wonderful gift!

Thank you!

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