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Hello everyone! In today’s article, I will be reflecting on my time at secondary school and I will also be zoning in on my thoughts and feelings about transitioning to third-level education.

I officially finished school on the 20th of May this year. I had a wonderful six years, I got on very well with my SNAs and had great fun with them. I have many pleasant memories to cherish from my time in the school, from the very welcoming and warm-hearted friends I had, to the sarcastic, funny comments the SNAS and I would pass back and forth to each other. The SNAs were often surprised by some of the fun, sarcastic comments I would pass! It is very difficult to single out my highlight of having fun with the SNAs and my highlight from being in the school environment but everyone in the school was so friendly and I had such a brilliant time, for that I will be forever grateful.

It seems like only yesterday I was beginning my transition from primary school to secondary school, but yes, six years have passed by and a new chapter of my life will commence later this month. It will be a time of new changes, new surroundings and hopeful adventures. In this next phase of my life, I will get an opportunity to pursue my dreams to the best of my ability and will also have the opportunity to embrace my talents and unique qualities. I will get a chance to explore my strengths and weaknesses and this will play a huge role in terms of choosing my career path. Some of the new changes will leave me feeling naturally nervous, such as a personal assistant providing my transport, simply because I haven’t had to rely on someone outside of my family members to transport me to different places up to this point. But I know this is all part and parcel of becoming a young adult. It is a change I will get used to and I will gain a higher level of independence for the better having completed this change.

Thank you!

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