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Hello everybody! Today I would like to share with you my experience of engaging and participating in the Social Capital services offered at The Crann Centre. 

Crann has really helped me to widen my friendship group and overall social circle through the regular programmes such as Chat and Connect, Adult Social Club and our adult Breaking Barriers Theatre Group.

Friendships have always been very important to me and friendships is one aspect of my life that I truly value. I am very lucky to have had such lovely friends in school and I have amazing friends in college as well. For that alone I will be forever grateful.

I really do enjoy interacting with my friends at Crann because we can all share similar experiences. We can learn from one another and in turn educate each other. I know if I ever need advice on anything related to accessibility my friends and I can discuss tips and tricks, perhaps about elements of a building that’s maybe very wheelchair accessible, or perhaps another part of the same building that may not be very wheelchair friendly, in order to allow time for consideration and forward planning. We sometimes discuss simple things that may make every day life for a person with additional needs that little bit easier, such as speech-to-text dictation and voice recording apps. Simple things like these are of particular benefit the those with additional physical needs, especially in work settings and for people who wish to complete college assignments at a faster pace.

Breaking Barriers Theatre Group has really allowed me to express myself creatively though acting and has helped me to come outside my comfort zone. I love performing in shows with the group and I love meeting up with the group members regularly through a mix of online zoom classes and in-person meet ups at Crann.

A murder mystery party was one of the recent activities we had as part of our adult social club. We also had a Halloween themed music quiz on Halloween night – it was brilliant.

It is safe to say that Crann has helped me to gain connections that I never imagined would have happened. There is a real positive vibe and sense of diversity in Crann because although some clients may share similar everyday experiences, we are all seperate human beings and each person will have their own unique story to share – for me, that’s the icing on the cake about Crann.

Thank you!

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