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Life has many special and rewarding gifts. There are many things in life we can be thankful for. Every morning as we start a new day we can begin to carry out a series of small but highly effective actions. From one morning to the next we are given the opportunity to raise our eyebrows upwards and then downwards. If an action like this is thought about in great detail, to our surprise it can be truly fascinating and potentially eye-opening. An action like this is so very small and incredibly simple, but it is the value and effectiveness of the action which is of high importance.

I also feel that the ability to roll our tongues between our teeth and around the roofs of our mouths is something we human beings often take for granted. As I have mentioned regarding eyebrows, it is something so minute which we frequently forget to reflect on and cherish deeply. Another action which I think is quite vital that we express our gratitude towards is the ability to touch one side of our lips off the other – we do this naturally on a daily basis when talking to our family members, friends and the people in our community without being aware of it, but never on any occasion do we give it much thought in terms of what a wonderful ability it truly is.

The abilities and actions I have mentioned today are very small and specific elements that we have gained from becoming human beings, but it is these elements we need to take note of on a regular basis and it is these actions we need to perform every day.

Thank you!

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