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To tie in with International Day of Education, whose theme this year is “to invest in people, prioritize education”, in this month’s blog Hannah and Mary O’Grady, Crann’s Education & Career Coach discuss the latest stage in Hannah’s education journey. 

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Hannah O’Sullivan

“Hello everyone! Happy new year! I hope you all had a pleasant and peaceful Christmas! I would like to wish you all health, happiness and many moments of joy and fun for the year ahead.

2022 was a year  of valuable experiences and self discovery for me. I was fortunate to receive a wide circle of support in transitioning to  third level education and increasing my independence in order to enable me to have the best life possible with the help of Enable Ireland. I received support in areas such as increased independent money management, traveling with people outside of my family, gaining new experiences such as going to a nail salon and going on a night out to Killarney races. I was able to explore all of these experiences with people outside of my family circle and this is something which is very important to me and experiences I am truly grateful for.

I started college in the National Learning Network in Kerry in September where I am really enjoying forming many new friendships and I am now looking forward to a new year of personal development, self discovery and learning more about those around me.

Thank you!”

Mary O’Grady 

Education & Career Coach

“Hannah availed of Crann supports at Leaving Cert level, and began thinking about her next steps – What would she like to  explore after secondary school in further education, training opportunities or employment?

Hannah and I worked together to identify the direction she wanted to take, what interested her and what would maximise her potential by using her abilities; what could lead to employment in the future.

The next step was action. We looked at all of the elements that influence someone’s ability to access education equitably, not just the courses available. We worked closely with Hannah, her family, and the training colleges and services she was interested in. Over a period of time, we were able to overcome challenges around transport and accessible facilities so Hannah could attend the course she felt was right for her.

Now that’s she’s settled, it’s wonderful to see that Hannah is thriving in this next stage of her life, meeting new people and having new experiences.

I would encourage anyone who is considering their options for the next stage in life to reach out to Crann to explore that path together. We can support you with advice on making a successful transition, utilising assistive technology  and liaising with organisations to support your next stage in life.”

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