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Hello everybody, today I would like to talk to you about the importance of knowing your human rights. I would like to point you in the right direction about where you can get information on human rights should you need to.

Human rights are rights which humans are entitled to by law. Human rights have laid the foundations on how society is expected to to treat citizens.

The fact that human rights have been implemented as a law is a vital necessity. This recognizes that there is a requirement to treat humans with dignity and respect. And furthermore, this acts as a stepping stone to give people a chance of living their best possible life.

Human rights play quiet a significant role in making sure everyone is treated equally. The universal declaration of human right was established in 1948 and became the first human rights documents that caters for everybody no matter the individual circumstances and this is outlined clearly on the universal declaration of human rights documents. This document states dash a person’s religion, race, color, sex, language, property, political opinions are other opinions etcetera, should not deny any persons human right this document states that is a person’s human rights our denied because of one of the contributory factors listed above it is profoundly against the law.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is universal and should be enjoyed by all people no matter who they are or where they live. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights contains 30 articles, with a total of 30 rights that’s every human is entitled to:

  1. The right to equality
  2. Freedom from discrimination
  3. The right to life liberty and personal security
  4. Freedom from slavery
  5. Freedom from torture and degrading treatment
  6. Rights to recognition as a person before the law
  7. Right to equality before the law
  8. The right to remedy by competent tribunal
  9. Freedom from arbitrary arrest and exile
  10. The right to fair public hearing
  11. The right to be considered innocent before proven guilty
  12. Freedom from interference with privacy, family, home and correspondence
  13. The right to free movement in and out of the country
  14. The right to asylum in other countries from prosecution
  15. The right to a nationality and the freedom to change it
  16. the Right to Social Security
  17. The right to marriage and family
  18. Freedom of belief and religion
  19. Freedom of information and opinion
  20. Right to peaceful assembly and association
  21. The right to participate in government and in free elections
  22. Right to desirable work and to join trade unions
  23. 23 . Right to rest and leisure
  24. Right to adequate living standard
  25. Right to education
  26. Right to participate in the cultural life of community
  27. Right to a social order that articulates this document
  28. Community duties essential to free and full development
  29. The right own property
  30. Freedom from state our personal interference of the above rights

If you would like more information on human rights you can visit the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission website. The Irish human rights and a quality Commission is Ireland’s national human rights and equality institution I hope you learned more about human rights.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Hannah is a student living in Kerry. Hannah’s Blog is her monthly column where she expresses her thoughts and opinions. 

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