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Hello everyone! Today I am going to give you a brief insight into my perspective on friends. I would hope that after reading my article today you will gain an increased sense of gratitude for some of those people you are surrounded with in your life. Those who hold a very close place in your hearts. I would also hope that my article will motivate you to make more friendships and interact with more people.

As human beings, we love to spend time with people who are not part of our home environment. It is part of the method for enhancing our social skills and it most definitely plays a vital role in promoting our psychological development in a very positive, effective and meaningful way. Although meeting someone for the very first time may seem like a daunting experience, believe it or not, it helps you to create a very special turning point, one that can be potentially life-changing.

Interacting with someone with whom we are not familiar almost acts likes a tonic for our confidence and self-esteem. Forming friendships are essential in terms of gaining and improving social skills. It is fair to say that each one of us human beings has different levels of confidence and self-esteem and it has to be said that some of us may not be as outgoing as our peers but trust me, that is something you should never worry or feel guilty about.

I would advise you to never compare your confidence and self-esteem levels with your peers because it is perfectly normal to feel shy and it is without a doubt completely normal to have slightly lower levels of confidence and self-esteem, however, I would encourage you to take this one piece of advice – please do not let your shyness hold you back from forming friendships because the outcome can be truly amazing. It may sound very difficult at first and it may mean completing the process in gradual steps but that doesn’t matter because slow and steady wins the race!

Thank you!

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