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Hello everyone! Today I would like to give you an insight into my experience of the Crann Centre’s Breaking Barriers Theatre Group. In this article my aim is to shine a light about how the weekly creative and fun-filled  classes have had a positive impact on my life.

I first joined the Breaking Barriers in mid-2020 in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic. At the time, we had classes twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday and even though the classes had to be held online using the zoom platform, I was over the moon to be given the opportunity to join the group on a regular basis. I had heard about the Breaking Barriers Theatre Group from fellow friends of whom were involved in the group and always wished I could be a part of the fun to experience the joy of acting and creative expression but it was too difficult to source the time and commitment, due to living in a rural area and the long distance travelling involved.

The more I got involved in the drama classes the more I felt motivated and optimistic to have fun and just “go for it”. Due to covid restrictions we had to pre-record our Christmas shows for 2020 and 2021 on zoom to watch back with family. It wasn’t the perfectly ideal situation, but lets face it, the shows were still a massive  success and the talent of each person still came across as nothing less than amazing.

In 2022 I was able to attend the drama group a lot more in person but the golden moment for me was my first opportunity to perform in person with the breaking barriers adult group on June 22nd 2022 for our speed dating play. We had another performance recently in the Stack Theatre which was another surreal experience.

I’m so glad I joined breaking barriers. It’s changed my life.

Breaking Barriers Adult Theatre Group performing "Sea Who Done It" in front of a purple curtain on stage at the Stack Theatre. Suspects appear in a row on stage being interrogated by the detective.
Suspects are interrogated on stage by the detective during "Sea Who Done It"
Hannah appears with silver pipes over her arm, dressed as an astronaut on stage at the stack theatre. She has a small mic near her mouth and the purple theatre curtain is visible behind her
Hannah in character as an astronaut from Mars during her performance in "Sea Who Done It" at the Stack Theatre on March 5th, 2023
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