Partnering with Crann

Support Families with Neuro-Physical Disabilities

Families living with neuro-physical disabilities experience greater instances of social isolation and health issues compounded by lack of access to services. Over 320 families choose Crann and we have ambitions to support over 450 families in 2023. To achieve this, we need your support. 

Crann’s mission is to help the the whole family flourish by delivering our Model of Care. Our model creates opportunities and supports in 6 key areas that leads to improved health and better levels of inclusion in school, work and society.

Take a look at the support packages below to see how your support can have a real impact in the lives of adults and children with neuro-physical disabilities, their parents and siblings.

Crann's model of care in a diagram featuring a family at the centre of an interconnected circular jigsaw with "Psychological Wellbeing" "Health & Continence" " Education & Career Pathways" "Mobility" "Independent Living" and "Social Capital" on each jigsaw piece

Why Partner with Crann?

Support from companies like yours allows us to offer our unique services which create better physical and mental health outcomes for adults, children and families living with Neuro-Physical Disabilities.

A partnership with Crann is a wonderful way to improve staff loyalty and motivation while promoting your brand profile and commitment to your CSR goals. We can create activities and opportunities for your staff to get involved in the work we do.

Our partnerships are tailored to your needs. You company can benefit from:

  • Positioning your brand as a leader in diversity, inclusion by supporting people with Neuro-Physical Disabilities
  • Cause-related marketing opportunities 
  • A Partner Profile on our website
  • Disability Awareness training session for employees
  • Employee volunteering opportunities 

How Your Support Helps

A woman stretches her back with her hands placed on her lower back.

€250 could fund a parent’s place on our “Mind your Back” workshop, giving them the skills and strategies to prevent injury as they care for their child with a disability.

€500 could provide much needed one-to-one psychological support to a parent, child or their sibling.

A young girl in a wheelchair is advised by an occupational therapist who kneels next to her, guiding her.

€1,000 funds a child’s place on “Skills on Wheels” where they’ll learn wheelchair skills to increase their mobility and independence. This is the only Wheelchair Skills Training Programme in Ireland.

€5,000 covers the cost of 3 people’s Health and Continence services for 1 year. Supports such as; Cervical smear, Crann’s pressure ulcer awareness programme ‘It Only Takes a Minute©’ and tailored continence management.

Get in Touch

Picture of Evelyn Power, a white woman with shoulder length brown hair, wearing a yellow jumper and a necklace

Evelyn Power

Fundraising Manager for Corporates, Trusts and Foundations

Email: or call 085 880 4679 to explore your options

Donate by Cheque to:

Crann Centre, Classis Road, Ovens, Ballincollig, Co Cork P31 TX39

Ref: [Company Name] 

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