Education & Career Pathways at Crann

Managing life’s transitions can be overwhelming. Whether you’re moving from primary school to secondary school, on to college or into your first job you may feel excited, anxious, or scared. It’s natural to nervous during times of change and we’re here to help you manage.

  • Are you finding it tough to choose the best subjects for you for the Leaving Certificate? 
  • Are you a fifth or sixth-year student unsure of what courses or options are available for your next stage?
  • Are you an adult looking to return or start third-level education? 

Crann can support you to prepare and transition successfully through tailored services like

  • Confidence building
  • Support identifying your learning type
  • Individual & group workshops in managing change
  • Enhancing your study skills
  • Job readiness
  • CV Preparation
  • Information on the supports available to you

Whatever your stage in education or your career, our team can help you make the right choices for you.

Young adult woman in a wheelchair studies in the library of a university or secondary school. She has blonde hair, glasses and wears a red stripey t shirt.
Education & Career Programmes

Let’s explore the routes and options available to you together as your progress through life. 

Literacy & Numeracy Skills

For those who find reading and/or numbers a challenge, we provide one-to-one confidential training.

Whatever your level, we’ll help you build the foundations for your future.

AT & IT Supports

Through our Assistive Technology (AT) supports and training, we can help you achieve your potential. We offer specialist training programmes, tailored to suit your individual needs. These include:

  • Maximising the use of your own devises
  • IT & AT training
  • Demonstrations and workshops on how to use AT & IT resources like software, devices and apps

We will help you build your IT and AT skills through workshops in the Microsoft Office Suite, the Internet and Social Media awareness. These skills are essential tools in managing studies at third-level, employment and, increasingly, life.

Two adults, both wheelchair users, sit in discussion. The man wears a black hoody and glasses, and the woman, who has her back to the camera, has long bronze hair and wears a white and yellow top.

One-to-One Coaching

It can be tough navigating decisions about course choices and career & education options. Our Education and Career Coach can help you make the right decisions for you through helping you:

  • Identify your innate strengths and abilities
  • Clarify your interests
  • Understand your values
  • Identify the choices that best compliment your personality & skillsets

Our supports can help you make the right choices from selecting subject choices at Junior Cert, to exploring the career pathway that is right for you.

This service is available to teenagers and adults. Parents are also welcome to be part of this conversation.

Navigating the Education System

There are often more supports available to help you access and thrive in education than you might be aware of. We can help you identify the supports that best suits you.

Together we can navigate applications for these supports to ensure your specific needs are met so you can get the most out of your education.

Picture of a college lecture hall from the back. Rows of wooden benches face a blackboard and a podium

SNA & Educator Training

These bespoke courses provide SNAs with the skills, competence and confidence required to support students’ care plan effectively and safely. Let’s work together to help your students flourish.

  • Online and in-house at the Crann Centre
  • Courses are facilitated by our highly qualified & experienced NMBI Registered Nurse Manager, Eimear Daly
  • Courses can be combined & tailored into modules to meet the specific needs of your school, on request
  • Certificates of attendance are provided for all courses

Find out more about SNA Programmes here or email 


Meet Your Team

Caroline Kiely

Trainer and IT Lead

Caroline completed four years at UCC in Disability Studies and Facilitating Inclusion and a certificate in Foundations in Assistive Technology, having previously worked as a nurse’s aid in London.

Mary O'Grady headshot. Mary has brown, shoulder length hair, and wears a blue jacket and white and blue dress.

Mary O'Grady

Education & Career Coach

Mary has worked in education, rehabilitation and disability support for many years. Mary has a post-graduate in education, rehabilitation, coaching and coaching psychology.

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