Dr. Mary Ciccarelli visits Crann

A head and shoulders picture of Mary Cicarelli, a white woman wearing a lanyard around her neck and white floral top.
Mary Cicarelli pictured with the team and some adult clients at The Crann Centre, seated around a large table with tea and treats.

One of the most eminent physicians in the area of 2-Generation care for people with disabilities, Dr. Mary Ciccarelli from University Hospital, Indiana, USA visited Crann recently as part of Crann’s collaboration with University Hospital, Indiana that is focused on the effective delivery of supports and services to families with neuro-physical disabilities.

During her visit, Dr. Ciccarelli collaborated with the Crann services team around areas of service delivery, measurement and best practice developments.

She also met with Crann clients and their families and took the time to engage with them and to share her thoughts on how the model of care used at Crann is proving to work extremely effectively from the perspective of clients and their families.

Dr. Ciccarelli welcomed the fact that the team at Crann have developed and implemented their unique model of care in a relatively short period of time and she expressed confidence that the organisation is well on its way to full implementation of an enlarged suite of services and supports designed specifically to support Crann families as they move through life together.

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