Crann Launches Junior Board

Crann is delighted to announce the formation of the Crann Junior Board.  The purpose of this Junior Board is to interpret the Crann mission statement for a younger generation and their peers. This is a particularly exciting development for Crann as a comprehensive schedule of services is now being offered to those with spina bifida, hydrocephalus, and other related disabilities.  The Junior Board will have a vital role in sharing the Crann message of family centered services and supports now available at the project centre in Ballincollig.

Kate Jarvey, Crann Founder and Chair says, “In the course of ongoing searches it is very apparent that the Junior Board structure is not widely endorsed in Ireland.  To date only one other Junior Board in Ireland has been identified. I hope in time to come that Crann will be able to claim a catalyst role for Junior Boards. 

“I know that the energy, vision and integrity of the Crann Junior Board will enrich and enhance all the programs and supports that Crann offers. A young vision of changing lives for better will enable service users, their families, and the wider community.  Watch this space for further news of the dynamic Crann journey as encapsulated by the Crann Junior Board.”

The formation and inaugural meeting of the Junior Board follows on from the recent launch of Crann’s Spring / Summer 2020 programme. The extensive service plan includes wheelchair skills training for beginners and intermediate in addition to a suite of personal development programmes for children, teenagers and adults.

This incorporates our Emotional Support Service which consists of 1:1 support in the form of counselling, play therapy and family therapy as well as our Uniqueness of Difference and Growing in Confidence group courses for children and teenagers. We will also have sibling workshops taking place in March as well as some independent living classes and mindfulness and yoga events.

Crann has also added several training and educational events along with programmes for parents of children or adults with additional needs. Health and Continence Manager Eimear Daly has also joined the Crann team. Eimear will be rolling out support and training in the area of continence and allied health areas for children, adults and parents alike.

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