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“Sometimes fitting in is about sticking out

As a teenager you want to do the things everyone else is doing, go to places others go to and find out the types of things you like or indeed don’t like. At Crann we want to offer you a range of activities, supports and adventures you can tell your friends about. We believe that for you to be the best version of yourself it is important to understand who you are and feel confident about this.

By offering a range of experiences about many different things, we hope you feel you can share the goals you have in mind and the type of life you want for yourself now and in the future.

Crann is a confidential, safe and non-judgemental space that encourages you to explore your interests and individualism and independence. We will work with you with a range of partners to progress what means the most to you and make suggestions about what we know from other teenagers has made a difference to them.

What we won’t do…..

Tell you what we think you want – INSTEAD, we will listen to what you say you need.

Put limits on your ideas – INSTEAD, we will encourage you to push the boundaries of your thoughts.

Describe your experience of being a teenager with a disability – INSTEAD, we will encourage you to share what life has been like for you living with a disability.

Crann Supports You

Through talking with other teens and teens with a disability, you will be able to gain valuable insight from them about what has worked for them and the kinds of things they would do differently.

The types of supports we would like to offer you at Crann are organised around;

  • Nature and the outdoors activities
  • Creative fun (e.g., Teen Club)
  • Self image, confidence and resilience (e.g., ‘Who am I?’)
  • Wheelchairs skills
  • Medical information, such as bowel and bladder care
  • Resources to help with important transitions, such as venturing to a new school or applying to university/college
  • An interactive blog written by SB teens will be a means of sharing real stories and personal experiences with others. It will act as a creative platform for teens to voice interests, hobbies and even aspirations for the future.