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Providing clinical and technical information for professionals and organisations that we will partner with so that together we can deliver the Crann vision.

As with the individual’s family, the involvement of providers will vary in depth and breadth across the components of Crann’s model. We have built a collaborative partnership system that cultivates an openness to innovation, learning and research. The intention is to demonstrate a meaningful, positive change in the lives of individuals and families who engage with Crann by growing the quality practices of inter related professionals.

Actively listening to the needs of providers has directly informed the professional and organisational development resources offered by Crann. Therefore, on our website we will have a series of information sheets for a range of professional in the fields of;

  • Medicine (eg: GPs, practice nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists)
  • Social policy (eg: social workers, HSE managers)
  • Social scientists (researchers)
  • Educationalists
  • Human Rights (eg; disability activists)


Crann sees a role in responding to gaps in the availability of educational or learning opportunities for professionals. A multiple format response to identified need may involve face to face delivery, web-based interactions and training offered by Crann partners.

We will also have video links to lectures on issues such as maintenance of bladder and bowel hygiene and continence, psychosocial support, as well as advice on legal entitlements.


Crann expects a research agenda to develop and evolve as the project grows. It is anticipated that the research pillar of Crann’s strategic goals will have two layers. One will incorporate a monitoring and evaluation framework which views evidence of implementation and evidence of impact is at the core of service delivery. Understanding how something works, what worked well or not so well and the difference it makes to the lives of individuals with a disability or their family, is central to Crann’s development. Looking at this evidence through a lens of implementation science, Crann documents the process of development to understand the enablers and barriers to adapting the ASCEND model for disability in an Irish context.

Research for the purposes of exploration forms a significant and important part of Crann’s research presence. Through consortia that sit across and within professional disciplines, Crann pursues research opportunities that advance practice and knowledge in Spina Bifida and physical disabilities.


Through various dissemination options, Crann will provide current, reliable and useful information as it relates to the SB professional community and the larger disability sector. Using internal monitoring methods that keep Crann updated of news, announcements and publications of SB and disability related material is shared with professionals and their organisations in an ongoing basis. Our website serves as the primary dissemination vehicle by which this information can be accessed.