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Family-led means supporting you as a parent, your family members and your child or adult with a disability.

We understand your priority is getting the best for your children, younger or older, whether they are with or without a disability. In doing so, we know this often means putting yourself to the back of the queue.

At Crann

We will work with our partners to offer parents and families ‘a step up’ through various types of opportunities. These will include time for parents only, time for siblings and children/teens with a disability and then together for the whole family.

Our 2Gen Approach

Crann's Two-Generation Continuum

The 2Gen Approach followed at Crann delivers programmes and supports that are both child and parent focused. Through our model of working, we aim to offer a series of options across many aspects of life.

The Crann model has multiple points of focus that ultimately together, affect our lives in different ways.

This includes

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Medical needs
  • Early childhood
  • Education
  • Economic and career pathways
  • Social capital

Using evidence about supports and programmes that have worked well in Ireland and elsewhere, Crann will combine this knowledge with the experiences your share as parents to bring the most relevant and suitable supports for you and your family.

We firmly believe you know your child best.

The partners and team at Crann will actively seek your guidance and direction on what you believe would best suit your family.