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Crann for children is designed for children from birth to 12 years of age. 

The supports offered in this section is based on children’s developmental stages. For the purposes of organising information and supports that are relevant to particular age groups, we have created an early years and primary age sections. This should align to how other services you may be receiving are structured.

Crann understands the fast pace at which children grow and learn. Our service is one that always thinks about what a child needs at different times in their lives. Sometimes that might mean greater emphasis on physical health and related medical issues. It is likely that there will be going through a range of changes as they grow and get older. With that in mind, Crann has developed a series of responses that pay attention to the key stages in a child’s life.

Crann for children
Crann for children

Taking a family led approach means we make family informed decisions about the types of supports offered that best meet the needs you have identified. They will be organised around;

• Health and wellbeing

• Medical needs

• Early childhood

• Education

• Social capital

At Crann we create a fun and engaging setting for all young minds. We want to encourage the voices and views of children through activities at the centre and on the website. By hearing directly from children about their experiences, Crann can actively support the rights of children including those we engage with.

It is important to Crann that children are given every opportunity to experience a childhood without limits. Through our programmes and supports we intend to support the whole child and not focus on some areas of development to the exclusion of others.