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Crann takes a life course view when offering supports to adults with a disability and their family.

This means not focusing only on children and parents or adults by themselves but taking into consideration the different phases of our lives and the things we need at these times.

Crann understands this will vary greatly between individuals and what they want from life. This is likely to change as we grow older. Taking this into account, Crann wants to work with you to identify what goals you have or encourage you to think what might benefit your life at a particular point. We suggest putting together an individualised plan with yourself and pinpoint activities or supports you need to realise the goal. If something is important to you, it is also important to us.

For those of you who would rather access information at your own pace we will have a centralised information hub in the form of this Crann website – an online platform linked to social media where resources, links, news and events can be explored. Crann intends to curate the material we will share to ensure you are getting up to date and reliable information. This will include local, national and international information and news to keep you fully informed about what is available or being developed for adults with a disability, specifically SB adults.

The focus of the work is for you as an adult with a disability but also to offer support to your family, if they want to access it. This takes different forms. We have learned from our own research and from the research of others, that family members such as parents of an adult with a disability have concerns as you get older.

Crann hopes family members will feel able to get information or take part in activities that offer a space for discussion and practical solutions to questions asked.

2Gen Approach

Crann's Two-Generation Continuum

Using a 2Gen Approach with you as an adult and your family, the same principles apply. This means the best outcomes occur when adults and family are supported through a parallel process. It has been found to work because we all belong to a family of some sort, each with their own history, experiences and way of working.

Crann will offer activities, programmes and supports that are identified by adults with disability as what they want. We will do the same for your family following open discussions to create the most suitable and relevant supports for family members.

Crann will offer adults with a disability:

  • Resources and guidance around life events, health and wellbeing, your medical needs and social options
  • Cultivate meaningful career pathways through the formation of a disability ready employer network
  • Personal development programmes to promote and sustain independence
  • Facilitating social economies through engagement with local community businesses

These are examples of adult focused supports planned by Crann but through direct engagement with yourself, other adults and their family members, we will continue to respond to what you see as quality of life issues.