Continence at Crann

We know that continence issues can sometimes have a disproportionate impact on your life. Eimear and Ita, our expert team, are here to help. Here’s how:

Your needs are unique so Eimear or Ita will work with you, in confidence, to identify what you need. Together you will set continence goals and make a plan to achieve them through guidance and reviews. Goals can be specific like improving predictability or long-term goals like increasing self-management. 

Tailored management plans can include trans-anal irrigation training (bowel washout) and intermittent catheterisation training (ISC/CIC), catheter type review and pad review. We will link in with your existing healthcare teams to maintain consistency in your healthcare.

Our experienced team is here to help, providing tailored advice and support to meet your needs.


    • One to one confidential advice and support
    • Tailored management plans
    • Trans-anal irrigation (bowel washout) training
    • Intermittent catheterisation training (ISC/CIC)


    • Catheter type review and pad review

    • Timely and responsive support from our expert nursing team

    • Access to Crann’s comprehensive services in one place. Take a look at our Model of Care to see what other services you can access at Crann

Continence Clinics

Not sure which clinic is best suited to your needs? We’d be happy to chat with you it! Reach out on 021 428 9267 to speak to a member of the team!

Neurogenic Bowel and Bladder Dysfunction

This is when nerves between the bladder and bowel, spinal cord and brain don’t work the way they should. It can be common for people with Spinal Cord Injury, Spina Bifida and Multiple Sclerosis.

The Neurogenic Continence Clinic is designed to support people with neurogenic bowel and bladder dysfunction, which is common for people with Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Injury and Multiple Sclerosis

Continence issues can affect anyone. This clinic supports people who don’t have a neurogenic bowel and bladder but need support with managing their continence needs. The Bowel and Bladder Clinic can support people with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Arthrogryposis and other neuro-physical disabilities. 

Image of the continence room at Crann, with shelves of books, tools and equipment
What to Expect 

First, we’ll meet – by phone, Zoom or in-house, whichever suits you – to understand your needs and get a comprehensive bowel and bladder history from you. Then we’ll create a plan of action. We’ll work with you as long as you need to achieve your goals. 

How do I access Continence at Crann?
Refer Yourself

Fill out the short form below to get in touch. Eimear or Ita will reach out to you to understand your needs, take a comprehensive history and set up a plan of action. 

They will connect with your existing healthcare team, where necessary.

Referrals from Healthcare Professionals

GPs, Public Health Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialists or Consultants can refer clients using the link below.

All referrals are received directly by Eimear Daly, Programme Manager for Health and Continence. 

Testimonial from Chris Slavin, a Crann client with a spinal cord injury. Next to a picture of her in her wheelchair in mid roll, are the words "“I was able to connect with the nurse, Eimear, and she was an absolute lifesaver. She worked with me on my bowel program. We tried a variety of different things and we liaised weekly by phone. Not only did it solve my problem, it’s improved my life.”
Meet Your Team

Eimear Daly

Health & Continence Manager

Eimear is a disability nurse specialist with years of experience working with adults and children with disabilities. She oversees Crann’s comprehensive and personalised Health & Continence programmes.

Ita Murray

Health & Continence Nurse

Ita completed her Postgraduate in Paediatrics in Dublin before working for many years in ‘Ladybird’ children’s ward in Cork University Hospital and worked as General Practice Nurse in Kinsale.

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