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Breaking Barriers

The Breaking Barriers Performing Arts School is focused on providing a learning and creative opportunity for children and teenagers with a physical disability.

The Breaking Barriers school provides a weekly opportunity for participants to learn, practice and perform in a range of arts from acting to singing to costume making, set design and more.

Programme Manager Aaron Cowming has extensive experience in Theatre, Drama, Film, Pantomime and Musicals as a director , writer, performer and creator. Aaron also has a background in working with people with disabilities and is passionate about the power of the arts to break down barriers at all levels.

Breaking Barriers

In 2018 Aaron worked with a group of children and teenagers with disabilities at the Crann Centre to write and perform their version of Alice in Wonderland . The highlight was the performance in front of 200 family and friends on a specially constructed wheelchair accessible stage in the Crann Centre. The experience for the children of working together in a safe, creative space led to increased independence, growth in confidence and a weekly dose of creativity and fun which was a real lift for them, their parents and family.

This year Aaron is aiming to stage a production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and to include opportunities for trips to working theatres and performance spaces in Cork. It promises to be a busy, fun-filled activity in the months ahead.

The Crann Centre provides a range of programmes and supports designed and informed by people living with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, along with their families. Using innovative and evidence-based research from around the world, Crann aims to provide a range of support in-centre and in coordination with other organisations.

The Breaking Barriers Theatre Group is part sponsored by the Creative Ireland County Cork Grant Scheme.