Eamonn Carroll of Blackwater Valley Opera Festival visits Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers Theatre Group were delighted to welcome Eamonn Carroll to Crann to visit our Children’s and Youth sessions.

Eamonn is Festival Director of the Blackwater Valley Opera Festival, which runs from May 25th to June 5th in Lismore, Co. Waterford.

Eamonn got involved in the drama groups, getting to peek behind the curtain as they prepare for their own live performances in the Stack Theatre in March this year. 

He toured the facilities at Crann and heard from parents over a cup of tea! 

A big circle of children and adults look on as Kate is handed something by the child sitting next to her. Eamonn Carroll sits across the way and Ciara the instructor sits in a green shirt. Most of the children wear orange Breaking Barriers shirts and most use wheelchairs.
A group of adults including Eamonn Carroll and Kate Jarvey chat with tea cups in their hand around a table. They look at a teenager who is talking to the group. Some of those present, including the teenage girl, use wheelchairs.
A group of teenagers and young adults in the reception at Crann with their scripts in hand and chatting
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