Breaking Barriers Raise the Roof during Stack Theatre Performance

The roof was raised at the Stack Theatre on March 5th when Breaking Barriers’ 3 theatre groups performed.

The Children’s Group performed ‘Birthday Surprise’ by Julia Donaldson, the Youth Group performed ‘This is not a Fairytale’ by Wonder Fools and the Adult Group performed ‘Sea Who Done It’, which they also wrote.

The performances were the result of months of preparation with facilitators Donna O’Keeney, Ciara O’Neill and Aisling O’Kane, who also directed the Youth Group, Adult Group and Children’s group, respectively. 

Breaking Barriers’ March performance was made possible thanks to support from partners Cork County Council, Youth Theatre Ireland and Creative Ireland. 

The Youth Group will soon become part of the Youth Theatre Ireland network of almost 60 youth theatres nationwide.

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