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We are very grateful to Michelle Cronin and Kate Russell from Comyn Kelleher Tobin LLP, who graciously took the time to speak to our parents and adult clients in an information session that shed light on the intricate and important elements of Wills and the Assisted Decision-Making Capacity Act.

Michelle spoke about The Assisted Decision-Making Act and supporting people with a disability to make decisions about their personal welfare, property, and affairs. 
Kate talked about the importance of having a will in place and the steps and processes involved in planning and managing your estate. 

They offered their guidance and support to the attendees, ensuring that individuals with disabilities not only have the information to make significant decisions but are also provided with the necessary care and support for a secure future. 

At Crann our mission is to support the entire family unit. By providing informative sessions led by experts like Michelle and Kate, we aim to equip parents and clients with the tools to thrive as a family throughout all stages of life. 

Michelle Cronin (left) Kate Russell (right)
Michelle Cronin (left) Kate Russell (right)
Attendees sitting watching Michelle Cronin present.
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