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The Crann Centre encapsulates a vision of services that are designed and informed by people with Spina Bifida along with their families.

People with spina bifida, hydrocephalus (and other neuromuscular impairments) are at the centre of our model of care and support and in conjunction with those affected, we intend to be a national hub providing practical, reliable, and comprehensive information on up to date best practice, through emotional, psychological or physical support.

Gathering best practice from the international spina bifida community we provide links to people with specialised knowledge of living with neuromuscular impairment, develop tools for professionals and care providers and ensure a personalised joined up care package for each person to address social, educational and medical barriers that inhibit a fulfilling lifestyle.

Our Constitution

The Centre began its journey in response to the lived experience of children and adults with spina bifida and hydrocephalus and their families.

Following a research-based needs assessment and published report, Crann combined this knowledge and best practice understanding of SBH to develop our relevant and suitable supports.

We provide individuals and families ‘a step up’ by availing of a suite of supports that are organised within the Crann six component care model as developed by a series of social scientists and researchers.

The six components are;

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Medical needs
  • Early childhood
  • Education
  • Economic and career pathways
  • Social capital
Crann Care Model

Within each of these six components, we have developed a series of activities based across the lifespan of an individual with the intention of fostering individual resilience and to strengthen family voices to have a direct influence on programme planning and ultimately public policy.

Many of these activities are offered at our first centre in Ballincollig, County Cork. These will include supports for individuals (child or adult) with a disability only, activities for siblings only, time set aside for parents only and then together for the whole family.

Crann believes in active engagement with the wider community to ensure the project connects inclusively to the local networks of Ballincollig.