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021 428 9267        info@cranncentre.ie

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We create personalised
solutions for people living
with neuro-physical
disabilities in Ireland so
that families can flourish.
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Playground and Leisure Area
At Crann we want every child to have the opportunity to equally participate and enjoy the cognitive, social, and emotional benefits that play can bring.

Approx. 7% of children in Ireland live with a disability. Children with a disability should have opportunities to play with others, be physically active, learn, grow, connect, and have fun. But, they face barriers when using playgrounds and community leisure spaces. 

This is why we are developing a ¼ acre, fully inclusive play and leisure space for our clients at the Crann Centre in Ovens, Co. Cork. Construction commences in July 2021. 


Volunteers are key contributors to the unique culture at the Crann Centre.

Their skills and experience greatly enhance our capacity to deliver services and supports.

We are always keen to hear from people who are keen to give their time or knowledge or get involved.


At Crann, we believe in supporting people to self-advocate. The goal of self-advocacy is for people to decide what they want then develop and carry out a plan to help them get it.

Through our services, we aim to empower people to build their skills, confidence and social capital which will equip them as advocates. 

We are happy to help when it is needed by using our voice and resources to influence the things that matter most to the people who use our services and their families.


Our first full year of service

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Personal stories

“There’s more to me than my disability. At Crann, they focus on my personality instead of just seeing my condition.”

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reignited a fire
in me.”
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